#3DThursday: Bus Lug Nut Covers

#3DThursday: Bus Lug Nut Covers

This week's 3D Thursday may seem completely out of the blue, but for us here at Filabot the giant bus parked outside our warehouse is nothing new. Throughout the summer Tyler has been working as an independent contractor, tinkering for a technology company. The project: converting an old tour bus into a helicopter support vehicle with a collapsible landing pad. 

Yea, you heard that right. 3D printing has played a serious role in developing and renovating the bus. These simple lug nut covers have been a great addition to meet the requirements and specifications of what the bus is going to look like once completed and we're all pleased with the results so far. Plus they were designed in-house by our very own Warehouse Manager, Josh! 

What have you been printing recently? Let us know! 

The Filabot Team

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