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MDPH2 - Massive Dimension Direct Pellet Head Extruder


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Large format 3D printing requires a higher output setup. With this FPF (Fused Particle Fabrication) extruder, you can meet those output needs and print large parts. Feed in pellets or granular particles and print the part directly. We have designed the best pellet head extruder on the market. Our direct pellet printer extrudes and produces the most consistent output. We have studied every aspect of extrusion to make sure that all the components work together to be as efficient as possible.




  • Temperature Max: 450°C - 300 Watt Total Heating Power
  • 110VAC or 220VAC
  • PID Temperature Controller
  • High Performance, High-Pressure Screw
  • Screw Specifications: 1.6 compression ratio, 12:1 L/D Ratio
  • High Power Motor
  • 2 pound per hour output - 4043D PLA Test
  • Wide Range of Materials - ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, more materials being tested
  • Material Input Size - Up to 1/8in diameter, with an angle of repose less than 30°
  • Low Weight ~ 18.5lbs (8.39kg)

What's in the box

  • MDPH2 Pellet Head
  • 4 Nozzles
  • 10ft Power and Control Wire
  • Motor Power and Control Wire
  • Motor Driver
  • Heater Relay

What you have to setup

  • Mounting MDPH2 Pellet Head to CNC or robotic arm
  • Mount Motor Driver
  • Mount Heater Relay
  • Wiring System into CNC or robotic arm
  • Hopper Feed / Pellet Loading

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