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Pigment Colorant Additive for Plastics

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Unlock the full spectrum of the color wheel! introducing a new way to tint filament and create your own custom color effects. These pigments are made from ceramics that have fully oxidized during the production process, meaning that their vivid, fully saturated hues will be long-lasting and not susceptible to UV damage. The ceramic pigments are inert and will not react with other materials, such as the wide range of polymers they are compatible with. Unlike other commercially available colorants that require a matching polymer base, these ceramic pigments can be used interchangeably between PLA, PETG, PC, ABS, PS, and more! 

The pigments can be mixed with the base resin at a ratio of only 2-3% by weight, so a little goes a long way. Packages are available in 100g sizes, with enough colorant to transform up to 3.3 kg of plastic. 

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange

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