Version 2.0 Fan Assembly Upgrade for the Filabot EX2

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All current systems are assembled and shipped with this upgrade


If you haven't yet read the press release here, you may want to. It's pretty exciting.

Here are the highlights

  • Increases continuous use time from 4 hours to 12 hours
  • More consistent filament diameter

We're making the updated fan assembly for the Filabot EX2 available to everyone, regardless of when you purchased your Filabot EX2. Here's what we need.

  1. Purchase the Version 2.0 Fan Assembly Upgrade for the Filabot EX2 (this item).
  2. We'll send you a confirmation number.
  3. Thoroughly clean and pack your EX2 up in a sturdy, padded box. We strongly urge you to use the original packaging. Do not include any cords or other items. *Filabot is not responsible for damage during shipping*
  4. Write the confirmation number on the outside of the box, inside of the box, and on a piece of masking tape on the unit itself.
  5. We'll receive your item and process the upgrade. 
  6. Once the upgrade is complete and it passes all final testing, we'll box it up in your packaging and return it to you at our expense.

We're not making money on this - simply covering our expenses of parts, time and return shipping. Please select your location.

  • Continuous usage time frame increases from 4 hours to 12 hours
  • Increases filament diameter tolerance

Click here for DIY Fan Upgrade Assembly Instructions



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