MDPE10 - Massive Dimension Direct Print Particle Extruder - Standard S – Filabot
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MDPE10 - Massive Dimension Direct Print Particle Extruder - Standard Series


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The MDPE10 is the newest direct print extruder from Massive Dimension. This MDPE10 extruder outputs 10lbs per hour, five times more material than the MDPH2 extruder. This higher output allows for shorter print times and wider wall thicknesses in a single pass. The MDPE10 has three more heat zones, for a total of 4 zones, and a 24:1 L/D ratio hot swappable extruder screws. To meet the demands of the polymer processing characteristics 5 screws have been designed for the job. The zones and longer screw melt, pressurize, and output polymer more consistently during large format 3D printing. 




What is in the box:

  • MDPE10 Pellet Head
  • 2 Nozzles - Predrilled to 1.5mm
  • 10ft Power and Control Wire
  • Motor Power and Control Wire
  • Motor Driver
  • Temperature Controller Options:
    • DIY Option: QTY 4 - 1/16 DIN panel mount single loop PID Temperature controllers and 35mm DIN rail mounted supporting components which the user is expected to provide an enclosure for if not purchasing the pre-wired option
    • Pre-Wired PID Control: 4 zone temperature PID cabinet. The user needs to wire in power plugs and k-probes to this unit after routing the wires on the movement system
Pre-Wired PID UnitWhat you have to setup:
  • Mounting MDPE10 particle extruder to CNC or robotic arm
  • Wiring in temperature heat zones, K-probe, and heater PID loops
  • Wiring system into CNC or robotic arm controller
  • Hopper feed/pellet loading - MDMCU addon option
  • Provide 25 Watts of 24VDC power and a minimum of 1800 Watts of 1-phase: 200~255 VAC @ 50/60 Hz ±5% power.