ABS Smoothing Pens - Filabot
ABS Smoothing Pens - Filabot
ABS Smoothing Pens - Filabot
ABS Smoothing Pens - Filabot


ABS Smoothing Pens

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Our ABS Smoothing Pens work great for using acetone to smooth out the layers on ABS 3D printed objects. The small pen has an 8mm wide tip for fitting into tighter areas. The medium pen has a 15mm wide tip. The large pen has a 30mm wide tip for detailing broad surfaces.

The smoothing pen works by breaking down the outer layer of the plastic and makes the layer definition much less noticeable. Simply fill the pen with acetone press the tip down on the part and rub the pen tip everywhere that smoother surfaces are desired. The picture below shows a part that is untreated on the left side and treated with our Smoothing Pen is on the right. The treated part will have a sheen to it, which can remain if desired or lightly scuffed to remove.

*The pen does not include acetone*


Pen Tip Sizes: 8mm, 15mm, 30mm

Usage Directions:

  1. Unscrew top cap, it has a left handed thread
  2. Fill with Acetone
  3. Push pen tip down, depressing spring to fill felt tip
  4. Rub pen tip on rough areas of ABS parts(do not hold pen tip down when rubbing)
  5. When more Acetone is needed depress spring tip again

Videos here