Filabot EX2 to EX6 100% Credit Exchange Program
Filabot EX2 to EX6 100% Credit Exchange Program

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Filabot EX2 to EX6 100% Credit Exchange Program

We've long said we will only build hardware we trust. After several years with both the Filabot EX2 and Filabot EX6, we can honestly say these systems are as reliable as you get.

Filabot EX2 Filament ExtruderThis observation led us to realize that some customers, while they're loving their EX2 extruder, may have the need for the increased capabilities of an EX6. The extra output, duty cycle and material flexibility are certainly worthwhile. But these same customers may be unwilling to "throw away" the money they spent on their EX2 to purchase the more-capable EX6.

Well, they don't have to.

Filabot EX6 Filament ExtruderAnyone who purchased (or purchases in the future) a Filabot EX2 can trade it in towards a Filabot EX6 and receive a 100% credit. Yes, you read that right. We will give you complete credit toward your upgrade to an EX6. That brings your cost on an EX6 extruder down. A lot.

Obviously, there are a few important details, and you can read more about them here.

This exchange program not only gets you the machine that you need, it allows us to sell refurbished EX2 extruders at a discount. This gives us another entry point for customers into the Filabot ecosystem of products. A high-quality system at an even lower price. Everyone wins.

Our goal has always been to serve the community with the best products at the best prices. We're committed to finding creative ways to meet the needs of our customers while building a financially sustainable company. This exchange program furthers our efforts to those ends.

We have a good amount of information available on the program page, here, and you can always contact us if you don't find the answers to your questions. Thank you for giving us this new opportunity to serve you, and we look forward to hearing how your new and discounted Filabot EX6 Extruder is bettering your life.

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  • Filabot Team

    Anthony, the EX2 trade-in program for the EX6 is still available! Reach out to if you’d like to take advantage of the program and upgrade your setup.

  • Anthony Wheeler

    Is this trade in still available?

  • Filabot Team

    Sorry, there is no full refurbished package. The Spooler is technically available refurbished though very few units end up being offered this way as the wear parts are easily serviced by the user. The refurbished extruders end up being purchased as soon as they are available, so it would be doubly hard to find a spooler and extruder available at the same time. The Airpath is not offered as a refurbished item as they don’t tend to come back to us. Note that you can sign up for an email notification on the website to alert you when extruders become available refurbished…

    Thanks for your interest!

  • Jake Walker

    Do you have an entire setup available refurbished?

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